Pure Leads Engine For Digital Marketers

Hover Lead helps digital marketers to convert site visitors into leads, providing a GDPR compliant robust leads engine, Facebook leads sync, any CRM Integration and responsive leads forms implemented with a simple copy paste.
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Leads Forms That Always Matches Your Changing Creative

Everything You Need to Boost Conversions

Any Device, Any Screen
Fully responsive leads forms that contain fields, labels, and messages adjustable to present perfect on any screen.
Facebook Leads Ads
Simple and easy way to integrate Facebook leads, helping you to sync leads from multiple Facebook leads Ads directly to your leads panel and CRM.
Advanced Leads Manager
Professional leads management panel designed especially for digital agencies and digital marketers, including advanced leads editing, status monitoring, leads export, filter, search, and more.
Easy CRM Integration
CRM Integrator will report your leads in GET, POST, WebService or with a specific Email format, it includes an error reporting and a separate feedback status for each lead to insure acceptance.

And even more:

Client & Campaign Tagging
Tagging feature make it easier for multiple campaign and clients management, allowing you to filter, search and set different permissions for your clients, campaign, or any other group you desire.
Customized Layouts & Designs
Using the best top 5 layouts for maximizing leads conversion with adjustable look & feel in colors, fonts and texts.
Meta Data & Sources Support
Supporting UTM sources and query string parameters and collecting user metadata such as IP address, useragent, browser language and resolution to optimize and improve campaigns results.
Users and Collaborators
Invite team members to work on your campaigns, grant permissions, and limit access to specific forms or tags for even more control.
Leads Import and Export
Import leads with our autogenerated API instructions file or export your leads in Excel, XML, or CSV formats for use in other places.
GTM Implementation
Use your Google Tag Manager account to add forms to a landing page or a website, enhanced your control on your leads forms appearance through your GTM account.

Checkout Skins To Fit Any Creative

Classic layout Fringy Flower layout Shark layout Clementine Popsicle layout Mine Shaft layout Saffron Mango on Woodsmoke layout Rose Bud Cherry layout Clean and Sharp layout Dark Contrast layout Chartreuse Yellow layout Fuscous Pizza layout Cloud Burst layout Beauty Bush layout Carnation layout Bunker Red layout Violet Meteorite layout Picton Blue on White layout Blue Dianne layout Cerulean Mirage layout Tundora Shark layout Coral Red on White layout Masala Buttercup layout Pickled Bluewood layout Ebony Clay layout Java Eastern Blue layout Catskill White layout

Why You Should be Using Hover Lead

Separate from the Creative
Keep your lead generation running smoothly while freely changing and optimizing your creative.
Any Source
Collect leads from multiple sources, such as landing pages, websites, blogs, Facebook, online stores, and more.
Best Results
Benefit from highly optimized forms that were designed after years of A/B testing, and test your own form layouts for even better results.
Anyone Can Create Forms
Create and implement your own Hover Lead forms and start benefiting right away – no coding skills or previous experience required!
Timing Control
Use Hover Lead forms to control when and how your offers are displayed to your target audience for more optimized and time-sensitive campaigns.
Simple and Effective
Keep your visitors focused on the main call to action with Hover Lead forms, which have been designed to be simple and prevent any distractions.

Hover Lead was designed specifically for:

Digital Agencies
Digital Marketers
Website Owners
Online Stores Owners
Web Designers
Web Developers

Digital Marketers Hover Lead

The idea of using an independent lead engine which is separated from the web pages gives us the freedom to move fast with our clients' campaigns.
Naor Tutman
VP Digital Marketing
Publicis Group
We found Hover Lead to be the best platform for leads capturing and for Facebook™ Lead Ads management.
Doron Rabinovich
VP Digital Marketing
It's amazing how a simple solution can save so much time and hassle. Since we have started using Hover Lead, we have totally stopped dealing with sync issues related to leads and CRM integrations.
Haya Nahum

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$0 / month
Always Free
  • Unlimited active forms
  • 50 leads/mo
  • 10K exposures/mo
  • 1 CRM integrations
  • 1 Facebook Lead Ads
  • Logo
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$49 / month
Paid Yearly
  • Unlimited active forms
  • 500 leads/mo
  • 100K exposures/mo
  • 20 CRM integrations
  • 5 Facebook Lead Ads
Start With Basic Plan
Agency Starter
$99 / month
Paid Yearly
  • Unlimited active forms
  • 5K leads/mo
  • 500K exposures/mo
  • 100 CRM integrations
  • 25 Facebook Lead Ads
  • Work Team: Up to 5 collaborators
  • Leads panels for clients
Start With Pro Plan
$199 / month
Paid Yearly
  • Unlimited active forms
  • 25K leads/mo
  • 1M exposures/mo
  • 150 CRM integrations
  • 50 Facebook Lead Ads
  • Work Team: Up to 25 collaborators
  • Leads panels for clients
  • Priority support
Start With Intense Plan
$397 / month
Paid Yearly
  • Unlimited active forms
  • 50K leads/mo
  • 5M exposures/mo
  • 500 CRM integrations
  • 100 Facebook Lead Ads
  • Work Team: Up to 50 collaborators
  • Leads panels for clients
  • White Label (Branded)
  • Priority support
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Need More?

You can get more! for higher quotas and less limitations - contact us for custom plans.

We’ve Got You Covered

Yes, we offer a free plan. The free plan can help you to get familiar with Hover Lead and can also be a good start for collecting leads on a small scale.

No, Hover Lead is a fully hands-off solution.Our service is specifically built for people with no programming skills, so that you can add forms to your landing page or website as easy as “copy & paste”, or by connecting your form with your Google Tag Manager, which only takes a few clicks.

No, Hover Lead does not save your payment information. All payments are transmitted securely directly to the certified payment operator. We do not save your creditcard number or any other sensitive information in our database. For auto renewal purposes, we may save only a token string as a key provided by the certified payment operator.

Yes, you can change your billing information through your user account at any time.

Yes, at any time you can change your payment details or change the payment method you are using through your user account.

Yes, you can upgrade your current plan by clicking the “Upgrade” button in the left bar or through you user account.

Yes, at any time, you can extend your plan period by another year by clicking the “Extend Plan” button in your user account.

No, there is no limit, so feel free to create new forms as often as you need to.

Yes, after payment approval, we will send you an invoice to your email.In addition, you can download a copy from your user account inthe “Billing” section.

Your information and your leads are stored on Google Cloud Platform, which we have chosen for security and stability reasons.

Works perfectly with leading platforms

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Rock Solid Infrastructure For You and Your Clients

Hosted on Google Cloud Platform
For security and stability reasons we have chose Google Cloud Platform as our infrastructure for Hover Lead, this means that all of your information including your client’s leads will be hosted on Google Cloud Platform which stands in the highest security specifications.
Working Under the GDPR
Hover Lead is working under GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulation by which the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission intend to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union (EU).
Always Encrypting
When you or your clients sends Hover Lead information, such as your account credentials or leads from a website, we are always using HTTPS protocol when it is enabled. Hover Lead uses Google as the Certificate Authority for providing a secure communication between users to our application. We have found Google as the most trusted and reliable source for our users.

The Google Internet Authority G2 is operated in accordance with the latest version of the CA/Browser Forum Baseline Requirements and it is signed by the GeoTrust Global CA, as described in Google`s Certificate Practices Statement.