About Hover Lead

And Its team…

Hi, nice to e-meet you! :) We are Hover Lead!

Helping digital marketers to convert site visitors into leads and improve conversions. Hover Lead includes responsive web forms that can be easily added to any landing page or website, and provides CRM integrations, Facebook Lead Sync, and more.

We have built Hover Lead to deal with known issues in the process of leads generation, such as:

  1. Delivery failures and bugs.
  2. Web designer mistakes, such as noisy design, small fields, form location, etc.
  3. Unresponsive design.
  4. Accessibility and keyboard control issues.
  5. Server downtimes, timeouts, and unavailability of service.
  6. Lack of security.
  7. Privacy and user data-related issues.
  8. Code rewriting and multiple manual actions causing waste of time.

How we got to Hover Lead:
For years, digital marketers and agencies have been using our tools and services to collect and manage leads. Today, we are proud to publish our solution to the world as an easy-to-use online service. Our goal is to make Hover Lead the ultimate solution for creation, implementation, and integration of leads for multiple clients and campaigns.

In other words - “Leads engine in a copy/paste.”

What’s with the bird logo?
Besides the fact that we provide floating leads forms and we will make you (digitally) free from technical issues, the bird on the logo is a Magpie. bird, Our creative designers were inspired by one of the most intelligent animals in the world. This beautiful bird likes to pick and collect shiny objects from the ground, reminding us of how we collect relevant leads in the endless sea of traffic.

Feedback is appreciated!
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